Anexminer Dark Star ET7 is the next thing in ETH mining!

The Mining Rig of the future is here. The AnexMiner ET7

AnexMiner ET7

A closer look at the AnexMiner ET7

    The all-new AnexMiner ET7 has arrived to completely transform the ETH mining business! This is going to change the game because no other mining computer has ever been able to match this one's incredible 6000MH/s.
    The AnexMiner ET7 utilizes just 3200 Watts of electricity and is comparable to 70 RTX 3080 graphics cards, resulting in a 0.52/M efficiency rate.
This system can mine up to 27 Ethereum tokens every year, which is around the same price as the rig. In approximately a year, it will have paid for itself.

    The truth is that the price of our preferred smart contract token will continue to rise in the long term. The charts suggest that cryptocurrencies have a bright future, if you are one of the early investors in this market, you are far ahead of everyone around the globe.

The "Merge"

    Some financial gurus expect a token price of around $15,000 in the near future! Before the switch to "proof of stake," you might have a large wallet of more than 60 tokens if you started mining now.
    Many people are concerned that the long-awaited "MERGE" of ETH may alter the way we validate on the blockchain. It will happen, but you should not be alarmed, it will not be in the next two years!

    When we ultimately switch to the new system, you'll have recouped your investment and even made a profit. I should also add that ether will then become deflationary, meaning that there will be fewer and fewer tokens in the future, increasing the value of our tokens even further.

    Know that we will not begin staking right away. The process will be slow, and we will still be able to mine, but mining will become less and less profitable until it is no longer viable to do so. 


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